SIGCHI Development Fund Grant: Timor Leste (2021)


RESEARCH SITES : Timor Leste (Online)

This project aims to reach out to new academic communities for the purpose of knowledge exchange, therefore laying the foundations for capacity growth in the area of human-computer interaction (HCI). The project plans to extend to the island of Timor Leste, which is located in the far south of Southeast Asia. Timor Leste is a small island located in the eastern region of Timor. 

The project provides a multidisciplinary platform for local researchers, postgraduate students, industry partners, and academics to learn about design and user experience approaches used in HCI and contextualise them to Timor-Leste. The effort also encourages the sharing of information between local and renowned HCI professionals. This project contributes to the variety of the SICHCHI community.


Funded by ACM SIGCHI Development Fund Grant

Project Team

  • Universiti Kuala Lumpur, IOB, Timor Leste
  • Institute of Business, Timor Leste
  • Northumbria University, UK
  • Queensland University
  • University of Technology Sarawak