LocNet Community Networks Grants (2021): Digital Inclusion Policy Literacy (DIPL) for bridging internet coverage gaps in Malaysian Borneo


RESEARCH SITES : Penan community, Long Lamai; Iban Community, Bawang Assan, 


This project aims to construct a policy literacy programme on digital inclusion for Sarawak's indigenous communities and to establish a network of community champions. The digital literacy programme focuses on developing the capacity of local community champions to comprehend and identify the critical components of digital information and connection, as well as how they interact. It also includes courses on digital rights, digital infrastructure, digital connectivity, monitoring, and reporting. The project is intended to collaborate with two partner communities to develop a Digital Inclusion Policy Literacy (DIPL) programme that focuses on the capacity building of local champions, collaborative policy formulation for digital inclusion, and mobilisation of research and advocacy for policy change in the region.



  • Association for Progressive Communication, South Africa

Project Team

  • University of Alberta, Canada
  • University of Technology Sarawak
  • The Penan community of Long Lamai, Upper Baram, Sarawak Malaysia
  • Iban Community of Bawang Assan, Upper Baram, Sarawak Malaysia
  •  First Mile Connectivity Consortium (Associate Professor Dr Rob McMahon, rdmcmaho@ualberta.ca)