Scaling ­up Off ­grid Energy Access: UHK (2020)


RESEARCH SITES : Sarawak, Malaysia and Pakistan

This project aims to:

  • Document technical, economic, social and institutional barriers to off-grid rural electrification projects;
  • Analyse how and to what extent these barriers have been overcome;
  • Identify testable theories and hypotheses to form the basis of a GRF (General Research Fund) research proposal that uses a mixed-methods approach to systematically analyse SARES (Sarawak Alternative Renewable Energy Scheme) and draw out framework conditions for the scaling-up of off-grid energy access in the developing world. 

The research employs a qualitative approach. Examine archived and planning-related documents. This research intends to interview at least 30 key informants using focus groups and semi-structured interviews. The semi-structured interview questions are focused on failed off-grid solar systems and SARES hybrid solar installations. The goal of the SARES project is to provide a unique learning opportunity to assist expand off-grid energy availability in developing nations.



Funded by the University of Hong Kong

Project Team

  • University of Hong Kong
  • University of Technology Sarawak