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Welcome to Participatory Design Conference (Place-Malaysia)

18-20 August 2022

Participatory Design Conference (PDC)

Embracing Cosmologies: Expanding Worlds of Participatory Design

The Participatory Design Conference (PDC) is a world-leading venue and an ACM SIGCHI conference, bringing together the latest debates in collaborative and equitable design of technology, services and socio-technical systems. PDC 2022 is hosted by Newcastle University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (19 August- 1 September 2022) alongside online participation (at PDC-Places), to be inclusive while trying to reduce carbon footprint. The “PDC Places” are smaller in-per­son events and activities running in different locations around the world – with each Place shaped and organised by local PD researchers and practitioners.


PDC Place Malaysia

18-20 August 2022

In Malaysia, the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) community has strong roots and acknowledges the importance of “participation” and “community-centric” approaches in designing safe, inclusive, and equitable technologies. Participatory Design (PD) as an aspiration reflects in the practices, however, PD as a field of research is often implicit and could not emerge as an academic discipline in Malaysia.

Hence, University of Technology Sarawak is hosting Malaysia PDC Place (18-20 August 2022) with an aim to bring together academia, industry, government and local underserved communities and to develop a shared understanding of;

What does the emergence of Participatory Design and ICT4D mean to Malaysia?

How to design and establish alternative spaces and opportunities to decolonise development practices and produce shared knowledge? and

How can the guiding principles of PD influence the actions and reflections processes of ICT4D initiatives?

Conference Program

16-17 August 2022

18 August 2022

19 August 2022

20 August 2022

21-25 August 2022

Pre-Conference Workshops

Managing Service Learning

Participatory Design: an introduction

Policy Dialogue

High-Level policy dialogue on Digital inclusion and meaningful connectivity


ipid-Asia Forum

Keynote and parallel sessions

Workshop at the World Fuzhou Heritage Gallery Sibu


Co-design community workshops in Bawang Assan

  • Community Networks
  • Climate and Biodiversity Observatory

Post Conference Visit

Long Lamai Community, Baram Sarawak

Let’s collaborate and walk together!


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