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The workshop is planned to take place in a hybrid mode with some facilitators and participants present at the conference venue and other facilitators, participants and invited children joining virtually. However should the conference mode change to on-line mode, then the workshop can be hold only virtually.

In this workshop we will be using the design and learning space station, an ohyay space which was co-designed with 62 primary school children from Namibia, Malaysia and Finland over a three months period. In the space station, there are multiple ’rooms’ that we have created based on the children’s design concepts. Each room present was deemed necessary by the children as part of an effort to bring together children from different countries to effectively spend time together, understanding each other and start working with each other on projects given to them. As such the space station has a flight deck where the session ahead is usually discussed, an eating room where dishes from different countries are exchanged, a resting room with selected videos, a presentation room linking to Miro to share new design ideas and other information. The rooms have voting pole stations, movable objects like a pointer, microphone, stickers, communication cards and reaction emojis among others. The space station is under continuous re-design but ready to be used in its current form. It will be available for participants after the workshop to use and modify for their own needs and share experiences with others as we are working towards creating more enabling children design spaces online.

In order to enter the space station one needs to receive an invitation link, a free account will be needed to log-in and access the page. Web camera and microphone will be needed to show your actual face and for conversation. During the co-design session, we will also be using Miro as our virtual whiteboard to aid in brainstorming, organizing and visualizing concepts. Although Miro is used as part of the space station, it is still an independent service that requires users to create a Miro account and to log in using the account in order to use Miro.

*Multiple rooms designed by primary school children from Namibia, Malaysia and Finland

*Big gathering in ohyay space